Drums on the Mountain

SUBMIT your illustrations to collaborate on this exciting 2013 book project.
Deadline – April 30, 2013

A boy, Jim decides he wants to play his drums on top of the mountain. Along his journey to top of the mountain he gets criticized several times for being crazy, “You’re crazy is all you can say, then crazy is how I will play,” responds Jim. Not letting the disparagement of others stop him from playing on top of the mountain, big colorful musical staff and notes emanating from his playing down the mountain into a nearby town. A man in the town hears Jims beat, feels the groove and starts playing his guitar to the beat. Eventually the whole town starts dancing, singing and playing to the beat. The beat gets louder and travels farther from town, to city, to country, over the ocean, over the mountains, through valleys, from Mexico to London to Africa to Asia, traveling around the whole world. Experience the world dance, sing, play and unite under a colorful musical beat.

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